Game Table

Let´s play dominoes!

The creator of the table presses the button, Start game.

The distribution of the tiles will be done through an algorithm that generates statistically unique codes that consist of an hexadecimal key of 36 positions, this is in order to ensure that the distribution is totally random. Likewise, setting the leader of the first hand is determined randomly. The leaders of the subsequent hands are rotated.

The platform guides you in turns to play or pass through emoticons. It displays the scoreboard and a clock to play within the established time. It sends you warnings when there are eventualities: “It is not your turn and you wanted to play”;when the tile that you lay can be played on both sides it asks you where to play it, “Up Left or Down Right; when the “Tile cannot be played”, Does not allow to pass with playable tiles.

At the end of the game you can play another match or change Partner with the same players.

The game table allows chatting with the other players of the table.

The platform sanctions you for Time Exceed, for leaving the games or for wrong behavior in the chats.

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We place at your disposal the Online Dominoes Guideline from AMIGOS POR EL DOMINÓ. Herein you will find where to meet by internet, how to create a game table, play and calculate your classification and other information for online playing dominoes.