We store the information of your last 50 games in two matrices, one at a Match level and another at Hand level.

Information at Match level

  1. Match number.
  2. Name of the table.
  3. The target of the match, 100 or 200 pips or Run Out Match.
  4. The start date and time
  5. Hands won G
  6. Hands lost P
  7. Score pips in favor TF.
  8. Score pips against TC.
  9. Four intervals were created for score pips in favor and score pips against: from 1 to 50; from 1 to 100; from 51 to 100; and from 101 to 200;

  10. The result of the match R, with G if won, or P if lost.
  11. If the result Zero pips was made then: 1, in favor; 2, against; 0, No zero result.

Information at the Hand level.

  1. Match number
  2. Target of the game. 100 or 200 pips or One Match Point
  3. Hand number in the game
  4. Information at the beginning of the hand:
    1. Your location on the table. 1. Leader player; 2. to the right of leading player; 3. to the right of player two; 4 to the left of the leading player
    2. The pips that your tiles added, in three intervals: Low to 32 score pips; Medium up 50 score pips; and High up to 69 pips.
    3. Number of Doubles.
    4. Number of tiles you had with the same Suit.
    5. Number of Lacking suits
  5. The result of the hand R, with G if won or P if lost or E Tied.
  6. The number of score pips obtained in the hand, three intervals were created: low at 32 score points; regular from 33 to 50; and high from 51 to 65.

To support you in making conclusions, we provide filters for each of the variables and a counter that provides the statistics as you filter. Also we have a filter cleaner.

If you want to do your own analysis, you can copy the matrices in an Excel sheet and elaborate your own conclusions.

We classify your performance according to the players you confront and the result of the match, with which we rank you. You can observe the result of each ranking in a graph showing your game history.

All the matches that you play and are concluded, are recorded so you can review your plays in the Academy Section of our website.

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We place at your disposal the Online Dominoes Guideline from AMIGOS POR EL DOMINÓ. Herein you will find where to meet by internet, how to create a game table, play and calculate your classification and other information for online playing dominoes.