Meeting Room

With our platform it is very easy to create a game table and start a match.

When entering the Meeting Room, a list of players currently signed-in at the platform will be displayed, it will show the name and classification for each player. It has a chat so that players may come to an agreement to play.

Any player can configure the game. First, assign a name to the game; select the target: 100 or 200 pips or Run Out Match; second, seats the players invited on the game table: up, left and right; the one up, will be the partner of the creator of the table; and third, invites the players.

Players will receive an invitation to play that must accept or reject. In case of acceptance, the application will take them to the game table. In case of decline by any player, all will remain in the Meeting Room.

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We place at your disposal the Online Dominoes Guideline from AMIGOS POR EL DOMINÓ. Herein you will find where to meet by internet, how to create a game table, play and calculate your classification and other information for online playing dominoes.