Repetition and Simulation

Through the repetition of the games we can take note of the mistakes we make while playing. Through simulation we rectify and refine the plays. You have at your disposal the last 50 games recorded on Online Domino platform for your observation, reflection and study.

The success of overcoming your game is that you can choose different types of game start: by player location; by number of doubles; because of flaws; by the same suit; Plus, with the filters you can know if you won or lost. In this way you study those who lose with 5 of the same suit, those who win with 5 doubles or 3 flaws or according to your location on the table, etc. You can watch replays of many possible combinations and beat your game.

Further, you have an Analysis Panel that shows you the tiles played and not played and their value; the tiles that the players do not hold, as having passed, and their value. It also indicates the tiles played by each player in colors, so you have a closer and specific follow-up of the plays.

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We place at your disposal the Academy Guideline for AMIGOS POR EL DOMINÓ. Herein you will find the information so you can analyze the plays with the Repetition and Simulation of the On line dominoes, read articles, participate in Forums and study contributions from other players.