We are humanist, sure of ourselves,
responsible, enthusiastic, cheerful, neat and efficient.



Honesty, Respect, Justice and Freedom



Play dominoes for health and pleasure; with humbleness and gentleness; in an ambience of tranquility and satisfaction; have moments for humor and rejoicing; but above all to make Amigos.


Organize quality dominoes events that promote talent, logical reasoning, ingenuity, skill, dedication and subtlety in an ambience of camaraderie and leisure.


Offer an entertainment with innovative technology, fair, safe, orderly, harmonious, comprehensive, enjoyable and healthy.


Our dominoes games are the most equitable and fairest in the world with written rules.

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Work team
Non-discrimination Dominoes. We reject discrimination of any nature!

Including Discrimination against Gender, Age, Disability, Religion, Race and Nationality.

We Reject!
All sorts of machinations for cheating, subterfuge, deceit and chicanery in game playing Dominoes.


Fun Time!

Work team

Online Dominoes

Work team

General Regulation

We place at your disposal the General Guideline for AMIGOS POR EL DOMINÓ. Herein you will find the information for game playing dominoes with innovative technology and the fairest in the world.